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Back & Neck | Feb 26, 2015

Causes of Back Pain

Treating back pain in Marietta isn’t always simple. There can be many different reasons why your back is hurting, and it probably takes an expert to ferret out the truth. That’s why it’s imperative to get to a specialist in the area of back pain and healing, such as an…

Back & Neck, Back Pain | Aug 23, 2017

Back Pain Relief Through Marietta Chiropractic Treatment

Back pain is the primary cause of disability throughout the United States for those under the age of 45. If you experience chronic back pain as a result of a prior accident injury or from years of built up tension, contact AICA Marietta for immediate pain relief. Our Marietta Chiropractors…

Back & Neck, Neck Pain | Aug 30, 2017

Marietta Chiropractic Treatment For Long-Lasting Neck Pain Relief

One of the most common conditions our Marietta Chiropractors treat is chronic neck pain. The National Institute of Health Statistics cites neck pain as the second most popular form of discomfort for people throughout the United States, second to back pain. In fact, neck pain is predicted to affect three…

Back & Neck | Jun 14, 2019

Overcoming Lower Back Pain

The lower back has tremendous flexibility and strength and because of that, it can make the back susceptible to sustaining injuries or even suffering from mobility issues. There are a number of nerves running through the spine and into the rest of the body and if an injury is left…


Accident Prevention, Back & Neck, Wellness Library | Oct 15, 2021

How to Deadlift with Proper Form

If you’ve never deadlifted before, it can look pretty simple: you pick up a very heavy weight and stand up, which takes a lot of strength. This is true, but there is a lot more that goes into it than brute strength. Using the right form and technique when deadlifting…