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3 Chiropractic Treatment Solutions For Car Accident Injuries and Back Pain
Apr 28, 2017

Auto accidents often cause more damage than the bumps and dents each vehicle sustains.

In fact, most car accidents cause neck or back injuries that require immediate Chiropractic attention.

Depending on the extent of the accident, some victims experience chronic back pain that negatively impacts their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Marietta Chiropractic for Car Accident Injuries

If you are involved in an auto collision and injure your back, regardless of how fast you were driving, contact our Marietta car accident injury Chiropractors to schedule a free consultation and to prevent other chronic conditions from developing later on.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain: Spinal Manipulation

One of the most often used techniques for treating auto accident back injuries is spinal manipulation, also called traditional high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust.

To perform this method, a chiropractor uses his hands or tools to exert a controlled and sudden force on affected joints while the body is angled in a particular manner, wherein the pressure creates a perceptible popping sound.

Spinal manipulation can enhance or restore joint function which means you can move that part of your back again that you can barely shift due to pain. Furthermore, an HVLA thrust can relieve both joint inflammation and back pain.

At the same time, while spinal manipulation may sound unnerving, it is considered generally safe with little to no side effects apart from a slight tenderness on the manipulated area which may last for 24 to 48 hours.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain: Joint Mobilization

Joint or spinal mobilization helps improve joint function and provides immediate pain relief for car accident victims.

Unlike an HVLA thrust that utilizes a particular level of controlled force, mobilization focuses on applying slow thrusts against the firm endpoint of a damaged joint. Numerous mobilization techniques exist, including the activator method the Cox flexion-distraction.

Both techniques require the use of a manual tool and slow, gentle rocking motions in order to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

One of our Marietta Chiropractors will determine the most appropriate mobilization technique your back injury will require after completing their initial examination.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain: Ongoing Treatment

Besides joint mobilization, our Marietta Chiropractors may also recommend ongoing treatment that comprises of multiple solutions in order to treat the source of your pain, as well as to prevent future relapses.

There are a number of Chiropractic techniques that are useful for treating back pain, all of which are painless and free of unnatural side effects.

Your car accident Chiropractor may combine several treatment solutions to support a quick and safe recovery, including heat and ice, relaxation methods, and dietary adjustments.

Contact AICA Marietta For Immediate Car Accident Injury and Back Pain Relief

Car accident injuries like back pain demand immediate Chiropractic treatment because of their ability to cause other chronic conditions or permanent damage.

There is no reason to try to ignore the pain, as it will not go away on its own.

The only way to live a pain-free life after a car accident injury is to seek treatment from Marietta’s most experienced Chiropractic clinic – AICA Marietta.

Contact our staff today to schedule a free consultation or a complete examination.

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