Marietta Slip and Fall Accident Treatment

Slips and falls may seem like an ordinary problem. They occur at any time, any place, to anyone. We typically don’t give any additional thought to what we think are small spills. However, if not treated properly, the impact of these spills can cause months of pain.
Slip and fall injuries often cause significant damage to spinal alignment and ligaments. Our slip and fall Chiropractors at AICA Marietta have been treating people all over Cobb County for years, and are ready to get you on your road to recovery.

Treating Slip and Fall Injuries

Slips, trips, and falls can happen anywhere. In cluttered rooms, doorways, on wet surfaces, ramps, stairs, and many other places that are out of the ordinary. Even flat surfaces can trip up the nimblest of feet. Making sure your walking path is clean of obstacles can prevent some falls.
In addition, being aware of your surroundings and circumstances can limit the frequency of the spills. Though, even the best prevention can’t prevent every fall. Accidents will happen. However, that doesn’t mean that you are without help.

Seek Immediate Chiropractic Care Near Marietta

Don’t wait for the pain to become unbearable. If you’ve suffered a slip and fall injury, our staff will treat you with personalized care plans to prevent pain and permanent damage to your skeletal system. Falls can cause fractures, sprains, and even broken limbs.
The impact of your body landing on the ground makes a difference on the extent of the injury. The more force involved, the more damaging the fall. A fall can damage your spinal cord or brain, causing various serious symptoms. In addition, you can place too much pressure on your shoulder, dislocating it or even tearing the nerves around it to cause a brachial plexus injury.
Make sure you get the help you need as soon as possible to prevent a small slip from becoming a significant problem. Even if you don’t show signs of visible damage, there may be internal trauma depending on the severity of the impact. The injury will likely get worse if left untreated.
Be sure to get medical attention to be certain that there are not any underlying effects of the fall. Was your slip and fall injury due to someone else’s negligence? We’ve treated thousands of injuries that are often at no expense to the victim. Don’t suffer an injury that was not your fault. Call us today at 404-585-3724 and find out what our Marietta Chiropractors can do for you.