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Marietta X-ray Scans


At AICA Marietta, our Chiropractors have direct access to a variety of imaging devices, including X-rays.
When diagnosing an injury or chronic condition, X-rays help our Marietta Chiropractors understand the size, depth, and location of each patient’s situation. This information allows us to create custom treatment plans that align with the precise characteristics of each patient’s condition – allowing them to experience a fast and safe recovery.

X-rays Supports Chiropractic Treatment

Our Marietta Chiropractors use X-rays when trying to rule out particular conditions, as well as to identify fractures, dislocations, and other internal injuries. X-rays are also used to review and monitor bone development, positioning, and joint alignment.

Preparing For An X-ray Examination at AICA Marietta

If your Marietta Chiropractor recommends the use of an X-ray to learn more about your condition, it’s important to understand that X-ray examinations are standard procedures that are completely safe.
When preparing for your X-ray examination, you may want to consider wearing comfortable clothing that you can easily shift around in. You may also want to leave any jewelry at home, as your Chiropractor will most likely ask you to remove them once your examination begins.
If you have metal implants, make sure to tell your Chiropractor since these devices can prevent X-rays from developing a clear image of your injury or chronic condition.
Always tell your doctor or radiologist if you have metal implants from prior surgeries. These implants can block X-rays from passing through your body and creating a clear image. Depending on the circumstances, you may be asked to consume a contrast material or dye that helps improve the clarity of your X-ray and pinpoint hairline fractures.
This dye is completely harmless and can be swallowed or injected.

After The X-Ray Is Taken

X-ray images are populated and printed out within a matter of minutes – allowing you to understand more information about your condition or injury right away.
Your Marietta Chiropractors will review your X-ray scans and determine the most appropriate treatment plan that aligns with the unique properties of your injury.

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Our Marietta Chiropractors are here to provide medical support and treatment whenever you are injured or suffering in pain.
If you believe you have a broken bone or experience chronic pain, contact AICA Marietta to learn more about our approach to treatment and how X-ray scans can help you on the road to recovery.
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