Marietta Hand Pain Treatment

The list of things you do with your hands every day is astounding. Everything from getting dressed in the morning to typing at work is accomplished through the use of your hands. Unfortunately, in a car accident, the chances of injuring your hand are magnified.
During an accident, anything within reach can result in an injury to your hand. The impact of your airbag deploying can cause an injury if your hand is in the way. The impact your steering wheel exerts on your hand can hurt you during an accident. Even a side window, windshield or dashboard can injure your hand if no seatbelt is worn. Hand pain after a car accident can be severe.

Types of Hand Injuries After a Car Accident

The hand consists of 29 bones and 123 ligaments. Because of its many parts, there are several different ways a hand can become injured in a car accident.

  • Tearing or straining of the ligaments can occur during a car accident from blunt trauma or hyperextension.
  • Many fractures can occur during a car accident, but the most common one is known as a boxer’s fracture. This fracture happens when one or more of the bones behind your knuckles break.
  • Joints can become dislocated. The most common dislocation is at the middle knuckle known as the PIP joint.

Treatment of for these injuries usually requires immobilization to heal correctly. Most bones can be healed without surgery. However, a proper initial diagnosis is critical.

Comprehensive Treatment for Car Accident Injuries to the Hand

At AICA Marietta, we realize the importance of finding out the full extent of your injury. We use state of the art diagnostics to identify the root of the pain you’re experiencing. This includes an initial X-ray followed by CT scans and MRIs to further detect hard to find injuries like hairline fractures.
Our orthopedic specialists will work with you to make sure your bones are healing correctly so that there aren’t any bumps in your road to recovery. We will continue to monitor your progress with X-rays during regular visits. Most of our patients don’t require surgery. But if you should need surgery, our certified orthopedic surgeons will treat you using the most non-invasive surgery possible for your injury.

Choosing the Right Treatment for a Hand Injury After a Car Accident

It’s our team’s goal to help you to return to the quality of life you had before your car accident. Our Marietta Chiropractors are experts in diagnosing and treating your hand injury so you can recover as quickly as possible.
Additionally, your treatment doesn’t end just because your bones have healed. Our physical therapists will work with you to make sure your hand regains the strength it had before your accident. Call us at 404-585-3724 and make an appointment to visit us today.