Marietta Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain can come from multiple forces. Injuries such as whiplash are the most frequently thought-of injury, but there are other factors can impact the area as well. Outside stress commonly is felt in the neck, particularly if you work in an office setting at a computer and are bent over a desk all day.
The physical makeup of the body can also cause issues. The large weight of the head is precisely balanced over the delicate bones of the neck and spine area and, with your head weighing about the same as a bowling ball, even a single erratic movement can cause problems for your body.

Identifying The Source of Neck Pain

Neck pain can present in other areas as well. The nerves at the top of your neck move into your head while the nerves at the base move into your spine and lower extremities. This means that you can experience headaches or arm pain, but the problem will stem from an area that is not hurting at all.
Our Marietta Chiropractors will treat your neck pain seriously, by starting with a complete set of X-rays of the area as well as a full exam. Our Chiropractors will work together to create a multi-dimensional approach to your care plan, incorporating medical treatment, chiropractic, and physical therapy.
Our treatment options, such as our class four FDA approved cold laser therapy and cervical spine decompression, will help relieve your neck pain as well as any other places the discomfort might be radiating to. If these are not working as well as they should, our doctors will order an MRI to take a closer look at the area and begin consulting with the AICA Marietta interventional spine specialists to expand the treatment to include epidurals, facet blocks or nerve ablation.

Contact AICA Marietta For Neck Pain Relief

In the rare occasion that our in-house procedures are not completely effective, our clinics have relationships with some of the best neurosurgeons in the metro Atlanta area. This means that while 99 percent of our patients do not require surgery, the few that do will be in the best hands possible.
So take charge of your pain and call one of our clinics at your convenience, as they are available to speak with you 24/7. Schedule your appointment today at (404)-585-3724!