7 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Jul 10, 2020

7 Most Common Car Accident InjuriesIn a car accident, an endless number of injuries can occur, but some are more common than others. Because of seatbelts and the ways cars are built, the impact of an accident lends itself to specific injuries on specific parts of the body. Whatever you experience after a car crash, you will want to seek an experienced car accident doctor in Marietta. Keep reading to learn about some of the injuries that are common in these scenarios.


Perhaps the injury most associated with car accidents, whiplash occurs due to the sudden jerking motion of the head and neck. When the car is hit, your body moves at a speed it normally wouldn’t, causing tears and strains in the muscles in the neck. Whiplash typically heals eventually, but can be very painful and should be actively managed by a car accident doctor in Marietta to prevent worsening of the condition.

Broken or Fractured Bones

A car accident almost always causes atypical amounts of pressure on your body, and bones are not immune to this. Arms, legs, wrists, hips, and shoulders are all commonly broken in car accidents due to the force of the impact. In some cases, these bones are broken after being compressed by parts of the car.

Ribs are a particularly fragile bone that often break with even light or moderate impact. When your car is hit, you may move forward, sideways, or backward against a seatbelt, which can break one or more ribs. Healing this break requires a long period of rest and care and appropriate care from a car accident doctor in Marietta.

Head Injuries

Just like other parts of your body may forcefully hit against the car, your head can do this as well. Your brain can also be jostled inside of the skull enough to cause an injury. When not treated properly, injuries to the brain can cause severe and long-term issues with brain function. Many will experience sleeping troubles, headaches, or problems with memory and concentration.

Symptoms of a head injury may not appear immediately so it is important to seek care if there is any chance you have sustained one. Early headache treatment by a car accident doctor in Marietta is the most effective way to prevent issues in the future.

Internal Bleeding

Seatbelts are undoubtedly life-saving, but in some cases can cause additional injuries, known as “Seatbelt Syndrome.” When the seatbelt is pressed into the abdomen on impact, it can cause movement or lacerations on internal organs. These may not be immediately apparent, but internal bleeding can be very dangerous if not treated quickly. Any bruising or cuts on the abdomen are worth having evaluated to rule out the potential for internal bleeding.

Cuts and Scrapes

Many people will come away from a car accident with scrapes or cuts on their bodies. Broken glass, loose projectiles, or heavy impact may lead to these cuts. In most cases, these heal on their own and are superficial injuries, but they can be painful and cause scarring. In some cases, they may even be prone to infections or other complications. Monitoring these injuries can help determine when treatment is needed.

Herniated Discs

When your spine suffers stress, a common reaction is for a disc to herniate. Discs act as the cushion between vertebrae in the spine and when one is herniated, it moves out of place, sometimes pressing on a nearby nerve or rupturing. This can be very painful and lead to more severe back issues going forward.

If you experience pain in any part of your back or surrounding numbness and tingling, seeking out chiropractic care from a car accident doctor in Marietta is an important step. Even once the initial pain subsides, a herniated disc can lead to lifelong issues like sciatica and should be realigned as soon as possible.

Emotional Injuries

In some cases, the biggest injuries from a car accident are not physical. Some people feel extreme guilt after an accident, especially if anyone else involved was injured. Flashbacks and trouble sleeping are also common signs of mental distress as a result of a traumatic car accident.

This can present as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for many people. When this happens, you may experience stress at things that used to feel normal or be unable to complete tasks you could before the accident.

While these emotional issues cannot be addressed as directly as physical ones, it is still important to seek treatment for them before they worsen. Stress can spread to other parts of the body and cause further issues.

Whatever injury you may have suffered in a car accident, it is important to seek the proper help. AICA Orthopedics offers care by car accident doctors in Marietta who specialize in addressing issues arising from auto accidents, as well as a team of multidisciplinary specialists. If you have suffered an accident, contact AICA Marietta today to begin your healing process.