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Back Pain Relief Through Marietta Chiropractic Treatment
Aug 23, 2017

Back pain is the primary cause of disability throughout the United States for those under the age of 45. If you experience chronic back pain as a result of a prior accident injury or from years of built up tension, contact AICA Marietta for immediate pain relief. Our Marietta Chiropractors help thousands of patients each year overcome back pain and can help you, too. Dial (770) 383-1435 to speak with one friendly staff members about scheduling an appointment.

Understanding The Spine

The spine is made up of your vertebrae, tendons, and ligaments. The vertebrae are positioned in a column formation that’s separated into four locations. The spinal cord passes through the column of bones and nerve roots that are vital for transferring information from the brain to the rest of the body.

Your spine helps protect the fragile nerves that carry information throughout your body, while also remaining flexible enough for you to move, twist, lift objects, and bend your hips. Discs exist between your vertebrae and help absorb the impact of your movements.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Each individual is expected to sustain some level of back pain during their life. The reason why back pain affects so many people is that of interferences or subluxations can easily develop within the spine. When your spine moves out of place or is overly strained, the nerves that travel through your spinal column are compressed. Compressed nerves have a direct effect on the function and performance of your blood vessels, organs, and limbs.

Back pain also derives from lifting heavy objects without using proper equipment or maintaining balance. Lifting heavy objects without support can cause disc herniations, strains, and pulled muscles. Each result is very painful and can prevent you from following through with your personal or professional obligations.

Marietta Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain

There are a variety of solutions that exist for preventing and treating back pain. From using ergonomic equipment at work, sleeping with a pillow positioned between your knees, dietary adjustments, and postural corrections, there are plenty of practical steps people can take to protect their spine’s health.

Back pain is the most common cause of Chiropractic sessions, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your life. Chiropractic Adjustments, ongoing therapy, and controlled exercise are all useful for creating a balanced system that’s free of subluxations and other interferences. By visiting AICA Marietta, our Chiropractors can address the current environment that’s causing you pain, while also treating the root of your condition for long-lasting relief.

AICA Marietta’s Recommendations For Back Pain Relief

  • Stop smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet
  • Practice correct posture
  • Wear appropriate footwear that fits your feet comfortably, while also providing enough support
  • Warm up and stretch before exercising
  • Exercise at least three times per week for 45 minutes
  • Avoid twisting your hips when lifting heavy objects
  • Always lift heavy items with your legs
  • Visit AICA Marietta for regular Chiropractic Adjustments