Injured On The Job? Call AICA Marietta’s Chiropractors!

Dec 29, 2016

In 2015, close to three million employees were injured while working.

These injuries can lead to significant lost time and wages, loss of production, emotional anxiety, and temporary (or permanent) disability.

Most work-related injuries in Marietta are caused by slip and fall accidents, auto accidents, electrocution, and falling objects. Employees are also negatively affected by sitting at their desks for long periods or remaining hunched over a computer for several hours a day.

Chiropractic is proven to effective at helping employees who are injured at work, allowing them to return to their regular responsibilities sooner than other traditional approaches to treatment.

Common Work-Related Injuries

Work-related injuries are common throughout the United States and vary with a host of causes and many symptoms.

The types of injuries sustained range from minor discomfort to significant damage that can lead to temporary or permanent disability. Some injuries may demand intensive treatment procedures, while others will only require extensive physical therapy, support equipment, and regular examinations.

A few of the more common work-related injuries that our Chiropractors treat include:

Thoracic outlet syndrome

This condition is caused by overextending the shoulder, transporting heavy weight on your shoulders, and extending your arms above shoulder height for an extended period.

Thoracic outlet syndrome is identified through significant swelling, ongoing pain, dull ache, sudden loss of strength, or a burning feeling in the affected area.

Elbow tendonitis (Epicondylitis)

This injury is often caused by sudden or repeated forearm rotation, while also bending the wrist at the same time.

Symptoms include sudden swelling, dull ache, burning, and limited strength in the affected area.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by several factors, including vibratory technology, repetitive motion, and secondary considerations.

Its symptoms include numbness, significant wrist pain, tingling through the wrist and forearm, nerve damage, and burning.


Patients who have tendonitis develop it as a result of hyperextending their knee on an ongoing basis, repetitive motion, and prolonged strain.

It often leads to numbness, pain, and swelling in the hands.

Back and neck pain

Over 80 percent of all Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Back and neck pain is caused by a variety of reasons ranging from repetitive motion and accidents to using the improper equipment.

It is the most common work-related injury.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

While some work-related conditions are inevitable, most injuries can be avoided with a little extra attention and care.

The American Chiropractic Association suggests the following actions that reduce the risk getting hurt at work.

  • Exercise often. This helps prevent back injuries by keeping your muscles strong, healthy, and loose.
  • When performing work on your business computer, use a footrest for support and keep your knees set at a 90 degree and 120-degree angle.
  • If your occupation requires you to sit for long periods, make sure to take a ten-minute break at least every two hours to walk or stretch.
  • When you carry something heavy, don’t lean over to do it. Bend your waist at your knees and hips, squatting as you lift up the object and allow your legs to do the work. Make sure you hold the object close to your body while keeping your back straight.

Marietta Chiropractic Treatment for Work-Related Conditions

Chiropractic treatment can help quicken the rate of your recovery, correct your posture, and increase your mobility.

Through appropriate Chiropractic solutions, many of the work-related injuries discussed here can be easily treated. Chiropractic care is a proven model for relieving chronic pain, but it also excellent for treating injuries like carpal tunnel, elbow tendonitis, and muscle strains.

Our approach to holistic health helps patients manage their pain through controlled adjustments, repair soft tissue damage, and restrengthen torn ligaments.

Schedule an appointment today by filling out our online submission form or by calling (770) 383-1435 to learn more about how we can help you return to work sooner than later.