What Are Subluxations and How Marietta Chiropractic Treatment Can Help

Apr 13, 2017

You may go to the chiropractor for an examination or x-ray and hear them mention something about subluxations.

What is that?

A spinal subluxation is a partial or incomplete dislocation of the spinal bones.

This means that one or more vertebrae in your spine has moved out of place or have become misaligned.

Chiropractic Care for Subluxations

This may not seem difficult to understand, but some of the causes and symptoms of subluxations can be a bit harder to wrap your head around.

So, let’s read about how subluxations affect the body and how our Marietta Chiropractors can help.

Effects of Subluxations

When most people think of spinal issues, neck pain, back pain, and perhaps headaches come to mind.

But when the nerves and the spine are involved, you can often feel the effects in many different areas of the body. This is because your central nervous system directs every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body.

When a vertebra has shifted out of place (this is a subluxation), it can impinge on an adjacent nerve, causing distorted nerve impulses between the brain and the rest of your body.

This communication interference can cause the body to malfunction or not work optimally.

This improper communication can manifest itself in symptoms such as pain, reduced range of motion, improper functioning of organs and systems, and more.

However, you can have a subluxation without knowing it, as it can take time for symptoms to make their presence known.

What Causes Them?

A subluxation is a stress response.

When the body is introduced to a certain physical, emotional, or chemical stressor, the muscles respond by going into spasm.

This tension causes the bones of the spine to lock up, and as a result, the joints lose their proper motion. These bones can then end up in an awkward position that impinges on adjacent nerves.

Some of the causes of subluxations include:

  • Chemical: poor diet, drugs, alcohol, pollution
  • Emotional: stress, anger, fear, grief, and other negative emotions that stress the body and damage the immune system
  • Physical: slips, falls, repetitive motions, accidents, improper lifting, poor posture, improper sleeping

Marietta Chiropractic Treatment for Subluxations

Spinal subluxations can occasionally resolve themselves, but when they don’t, chiropractic treatment should be sought out.

A series of spinal manipulations can change the motion and position of the spinal bones so that they no longer impinge on adjacent nerves.

These adjustments involve applying a specific and precise force in the right direction, at the right time, to allow the misplaced vertebrae to move back where they belong.

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