The Ethics of Chiropractic Care For Patients In Marietta

Dec 7, 2016

Every interaction between medical professionals and patients is based on trust. Patients must be able to trust their doctor.

To preserve this faith, most medical professionals have developed some code of ethics that dictate their approach to treating and supporting patients.

The Chiropractors at AICA Marietta are no exception to this.

Researchers within the world of Chiropractic care have conducted numerous studies that highlight the value Chiropractic offers the medical community, as well as to patients in need.

A recent survey provided by Palmer and Gallup discovered that more than half of all adults living in the United States trust Chiropractors, while 63 percent of adults believe they have their patients’ best interests in mind.

Ethical Standards and AICA Marietta

Our Chiropractors always act based on the direct needs of each patient by:

  • Continuously conducting clinical evaluations
  • Creating custom treatment solutions that align with each patient’s specific needs
  • Only providing treatment when it yields therapeutic results

Maintain Patient Boundaries

It’s our job to uphold set boundaries that protect each patient’s personal privacy. We do this by

  • Keeping the conversation focused on each patient’s health
  • Respecting personal physical boundaries when performing an examination
  • Treating patients in our office with the support of an assistant

Maintaining Strict Confidentiality

Like other medical fields, Chiropractic demands strict confidentiality for all patients who visit our Marietta office. We never discuss or release medical records to other parties without consent.

Obtaining Patient Consent

Before we proceed with any treatment solution, we will always ask for your consent after providing education around what the procedure will consist of.

Maintaining Superior Ethics Protects You

Maintaining strong ethical commitments helps guide our Chiropractors through the dilemmas that naturally occur in any medical office.

By putting each patients’ best interests first, our Marietta Chiropractors can continue to advance the industry’s reputation among patients and other healthcare professionals alike.

You can learn more about our approach to health and wellness, patient privacy, or any other related aspect of our practice by scheduling an appointment within the week.

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