What Every Chiropractic Patient Near Marietta Should Know About Their Spine

Aug 8, 2016

To provide ongoing education to our Marietta Chiropractic patients, we wanted to discuss one of the most important aspects of your body, your spine.

Your spine contains over 100 individual joints that all perform specific duties, which allow your internal systems to function properly.

When one of these joints become misaligned or damaged, it can lead to a series of critical consequences that affect your health and well-being.

Review the following information that highlights the intricacies and complexities of your spine.

If you are currently suffering from chronic back pain, make sure to call our Marietta office as soon as possible to prevent long-term or permanent damage from taking place.

Spinal Facts

  • The first cervical vertebra is called the “Atlas” and was named after the character in Greek mythology. Atlas was the Titan God of endurance and astronomy who was forced to carry the weight of the world and heavens on his shoulders.The “Atlas” vertebra’s primary responsibility is to carry the weight of your head.
  • Your Spine contains more than 120 different muscles that are extremely delicate and sensitive.
  • There are over 220 ligaments that run throughout your spine.
  • Human beings have seven cervical vertebra’s, which is the same amount of as giraffes.
  • More than 80 percent of American Citizens experience back pain during their lifetime with auto accidents serving as the more predominant cause.
  • A normal human spinal cord weighs 35 grams.
  • Your spine contains over 100 unique joints.
  • The four first motions made by the spine are flexion (forward), extension (backward), side bending and rotation.
  • Astronauts can return from space 3 percent taller due to the cartilage in the spinal column expanding as a response to microgravity.
  • There are more than 13.5 million neurons within your spine.
  • Your spine has a memory.Keeping it properly aligned with regular Chiropractic Adjustments, strengthening exercise and stretching has a positive effect on its long-term stability.
  • Sitting hunched forward places 200 lbs of pressure on your lumbar spine!
  • Your spine has 33 individual vertebrae and some fuse together over time to become the sacrum and coccyx.
  • Your spine can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure.
  • Patients that suffer from chronic back pain and refuse Chiropractic treatment are 22 times more likely to experience some relapse or permanent damage.

Take Care of Your Spine; Schedule A Chiropractic Adjustment With AICA Marietta

The best advice our Chiropractors can offer is to schedule a consultation to learn more about your spine’s health and what proactive steps you can take to prevent back pain from developing.

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