You Might Be The Reason You Suffer From Neck Pain

Jul 26, 2016

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, you might be the cause.

Unfortunately, most people tend to be their worst enemy’s when it comes to contributing to the demise of their health.

Neck Pain Relief

Everyday actions that aren’t given a second thought, such as straining your neck or using non-ergonomic equipment, can create a tremendous amount of stress for your neck.

If this stress is ignored or left untreated, it can have a dramatic effect on your health and your ability to follow through with your routine.

If you’re currently suffering from chronic neck pain, you may want to consider the following harmful habits and call our AICA Marietta Chiropractors for help.

Looking Down Throughout Your Day

Driving with your head leaning forward, tilting your neck down to view your desktop monitor, or texting throughout the day all place an enormous amount of pressure on your neck.

Although these particular actions seem harmless, the frequency with which you end up engaging these positions can amount to serious neck pain over time.

If your personal and professional obligations force you into these positions on a daily basis, try asking your office manager or HR Department for ergonomic equipment, such as a stand-up workstation.

If you find yourself driving for extended periods of time, try to keep your seat in an upright position with the back of your head firmly placed against your headrest.

Smoking Cigarettes and Nicotine Intake

Although most of today’s modern world is aware of the long list of adverse health effects associated with smoking cigarettes, few understand that smoking can also aggravate degenerative disc disease within your neck.

Smoking damages the vessels in your spinal discs, making it difficult for your neck muscles to receive the oxygen-rich blood that they need to recover from strain and stress.

Sleeping On Your Stomach

How you sleep at night plays a significant role in whether or not you wake up with neck pain.

For those who sleep on their stomach, this position places the most stress on your neck since it tends to require you to turn your neck and head sharply from one side to the other.

Try sleeping on your back or use a flat pillow to help your back and neck remain in comfortable position.

The position in which you sleep has a great deal of bearing on the health of your neck.

Sleeping on your stomach places the most stress on your neck, as this position will usually require you to turn your neck and head sharply to the side, and may put your neck at an awkward angle.