How Often Should You See a Chiropractor?

Jun 3, 2022

Should You See a ChiropractorMillions of people visit the doctor each year for one common complaint: pain. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or are experiencing chronic pain, you might find yourself looking for a doctor or chiropractor who can help. Chiropractic care involves an all-natural approach to treating a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and health conditions. Chiropractors and car accident doctors work together to treat common injuries like whiplash. Chiropractors and physical therapists work together to provide you with rehabilitation and recovery support. An injury, illness, or health condition will affect each person in unique ways, which means you need to see a chiropractor who can provide you with personalized attention and care. Your chiropractor will work with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals for treatment. How often you should see a chiropractor will depend on a variety of factors, including your reason for treatment and your healing and recovery time.

When to See a Chiropractor

Oftentimes, we wait until the pain has gotten too bad and end up frustrated that recovery is taking so long. That is why it is actually in your best interest to see a chiropractor as soon as you recognize something is off with your body. Here are 5 common reasons why people know it’s time to see a chiropractor.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the number one reasons people visit their chiropractors each year. Neck and back pain are two of the most common complaints, though you can experience chronic pain anywhere. Chronic pain can keep you from participating in activities you enjoy and start to disrupt your daily routines. If you are dealing with chronic pain, then a chiropractor can help get to the bottom of what is causing your pain so you can experience lasting relief. Some treatment options like taking pain medications do not address the source of your pain and instead only mask your symptoms for a short period of time. A chiropractor will want to help identify what is causing your pain so it can be addressed as soon as possible.


From tension headaches to migraines, people experience many different types of debilitating headaches. A headache can disrupt your entire day, leaving you feeling weakened, irritable, and exhausted. If you deal with frequent headaches, then talk to your chiropractor about your options. Chiropractors can provide you with drug-free treatment options that address the source of your headache pain. Headaches can be a symptom of a larger issue, like a recent injury or chronic poor posture. No matter what is causing your headache pain, a chiropractor can provide you with natural and non-invasive approaches to help reduce the frequency of headaches.

Poor Posture

Chiropractors are associated with the spine and posture for a reason! The spinal column houses your central nervous system, which allows your brain to communicate with the rest of your body. When you sit or stand with proper posture, your body is able to function at its best. However, poor posture can start to disrupt healthy functioning in small ways that start to add up over time. If you sit hunched over a computer all day for work, you can start to develop neck and shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Poor posture over time can develop into issues with chronic pain if left untreated. A chiropractor can work with you to restore misalignments in your spine that may be contributing to your poor posture. They can also provide you with stretches and exercises to help your back and neck muscles better support and stabilize your spine.

Recent Injuries

If you suffered a recent injury, then you may be seeing your chiropractor for treatment. Chiropractors can treat car accident injuries, slip and fall injuries, and sports injuries. Each injury can impact your body in a unique way, which requires a personalized plan for treatment. A chiropractor will work with you through the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process so you can experience lasting healing and results from chiropractic care for your injuries. The sooner you seek treatment for a recent injury, the sooner you can get started on effective treatment options. In fact, studies have shown that waiting to see a doctor or chiropractor after an injury can delay your recovery time.

Health Conditions

Chiropractors can also provide quality, comprehensive care for people dealing with a wide range of health conditions. From neurological disorders to arthritis, chiropractic care can provide lasting symptom relief and help support your overall health and wellbeing. Some health conditions can limit your mobility, and a chiropractor can work with you to increase your flexibility and range of motion. If you are experiencing current and present pain, then your chiropractor will want to help manage your symptoms. They will also want to address the source of your symptoms and provide you with effective treatment techniques to help you get back to your regular routines and activities.

Treatment with a Chiropractor

Treatment with a ChiropractorWhen you see a chiropractor for treatment, you can expect an all-natural and holistic approach to your care. Chiropractic care does not rely on medications or invasive procedures for healing and recovery. Instead, your chiropractor will use a combination of hands-on techniques and special chiropractic tools to aid in the healing process. Chiropractors do not merely focus on your symptoms; instead, they want to identify the root cause so you can experience both short-term and long-term relief. Chiropractors also understand that an injury or issue in one part of the body can impact other parts of the body. A broken bone is rarely just a broken bone. If your arm is in a cast, you may favor the other arm, leaving the casted arm muscles to become weak with disuse. This can also put a strain on your elbow and wrist joints. Chiropractors look at the whole body and how your specific symptoms can impact you more broadly.

Maintenance Care with a Chiropractor

Going to the chiropractor is about more than just fixing your posture or getting rid of back pain! Just like how you need to go to the dentist regularly to keep your teeth healthy, it can be just as important to see your chiropractor regularly. Regular chiropractic care is also known as maintenance care. You don’t need to have a serious injury or health condition to see a chiropractor. People continue seeing their chiropractors long after they have healed from a specific injury because of the benefits of chiropractic care on overall health and wellbeing. After you complete a treatment plan with your chiropractor, they may recommend a maintenance schedule to help prolong the benefits and results of your care. Regular maintenance can help ensure all that hard work you put into your recovery doesn’t go to waste. If you wait until you’re in pain again, you may be in need of another plan of treatment.

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments provides a wide variety of health benefits. Going to the chiropractor for maintenance care can help you prevent future injuries or issues. Your chiropractor will be able to regularly assess your body and ensure you are functioning at your optimal level. Consider maintenance care with your chiropractor to continue improving your posture, decrease your risk of injury, or even increase your athletic performance. Chiropractic care can also enhance your overall physical and emotional health. Regular chiropractic adjustments and other natural treatment techniques have been shown to boost your immune system, reduce stress and strain, and improve overall healthy functioning. Sometimes a simple bad habit of tensing your shoulders while you sit can cause a domino effect that triggers chronic pain and other symptoms. When you see a chiropractor regularly, they can help you recognize these bad habits and eliminate them before any damage builds up again.

What to Expect When You See a Chiropractor

What to Expect When You See a ChiropractorDid you know that going to the chiropractor may also help you avoid invasive medical treatments like surgery or pain medications? Chiropractic care offers a proactive approach to your treatment and care. A chiropractor will address your reason for visit, like a recent injury or illness, and also work with you to improve your overall health. A chiropractor may recommend X-rays or other diagnostic imaging tools to help support a diagnosis and treatment plan. They may recommend repeated imaging tests at intervals through your treatment to help monitor your progress. Your chiropractor will be upfront with you about your unique and individualized plan of care so you know what to expect. This will also include a tentative timeline for treatment, which can change depending on your body’s response to treatment.

If you are interested in seeing a chiropractor after a recent injury or for maintenance care, our team of Marietta chiropractors at AICA Orthopedics is here to help. At AICA Orthopedics, we have car accident doctors and chiropractors, neurologists, physical therapists, and more who work together to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. Visit our Marietta location to get started with a chiropractor near you today!


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