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How to Pick a Good Chiropractor

Sep 1, 2020

How to Pick a Good ChiropractorFinding great chiropractors in Marietta, Ga, can be a challenging task because there are so many options in a brief internet search, as well as so many cautionary tales. So how do you know which chiropractor to pick? Similar to finding a good primary care doctor or a babysitter for your kids, it is important to find a chiropractor who is competent, knowledgeable, and who you believe you can trust.

Here are five things to consider when searching for a good chiropractor:

Consider Referrals from Friends and Family

Often times you will find that your friends and family have good suggestions for great chiropractors. Not unlike a pediatrician or a babysitter, once you find someone you trust you tend to want to tell everyone you know about them and how they worked on your neck and back pain for example. Similarly, by asking around for recommendations you might find that many people are willing and eager to share their favorite chiropractor recommendations.

Even if you do not live in the same area as your friend or family member and therefore cannot visit their specific chiropractor, it can be helpful to hear more about what they think makes a great chiropractor. Your friend or family member may recommend you look for a chiropractic practice that also coordinates with a physical therapist for more comprehensive care, or a chiropractor with a specific style or technique they like. Gathering this information from those you trust can help you feel more comfortable when making your decision.

Review Patient Testimonials

There are many ways to review services online and these can help shed light on everything from what to expect on your first visit to the techniques and styles of the chiropractor. You may also want to seek out reviews that relate to what interests you in a chiropractor in the first place. For example, if you are struggling with tech neck or neck pain after sitting at a computer desk for long hours, it can be helpful to find someone who mentions this in their review.

Reviews can also help you learn a bit more about the more technical aspects of the chiropractor’s office to help you make your decision. For example, pay attention to whether reviewers mention staff friendliness, easy and convenient scheduling options, and even how long the chiropractor tends to spend with patients. Whether you are talking with a friend or reading an anonymous review, it is always helpful to pay attention to the little things that can make or break the experience.

Visit Their Website

You can learn a lot about a chiropractor and their practice by visiting their website. From the basic information on how to schedule appointments to the chiropractor’s educational background, you should expect to get a clear picture of what to expect from their practice. While you don’t necessarily want to judge a book by its cover, you can certainly learn a lot by a practice by the information they choose to share and the types of content they post.

Look for a chiropractor who continues to educate themselves and others on the most up-to-date ways to treat common ailments. You may find a chiropractic practice also has a blog on their website where they offer education about a variety of car accident injuries, ailments, and symptoms that cause people to seek out chiropractic care in the first place. Reading through these blogs can help give you a better picture of the types of treatments offered at that practice and the care they put into providing those treatments.

Learn About Their Education and Style

Information that should be easily found includes the chiropractor’s education history and background. You want to find a chiropractor who has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the chiropractic care you deserve. Additionally, it is helpful to learn more about the techniques and preferred style of the chiropractor. If you were searching for a personal trainer, you may be specifically looking for someone who blends cardio with strength training. Similarly, you will want to learn more about the common ways the chiropractor does their job.

Schedule an Initial Visit

It can be very helpful to schedule an initial visit with a chiropractor you are considering before committing to a full treatment regimen. In fact, meeting someone in person may be the most helpful determining factor as you decide how well you connect and how comfortable you are describing your pain and trusting them with your care. A good rapport between you and your chiropractor is extremely important because you may be discussing how and where you are experiencing pain in ways that may feel uncomfortable.

Communication is also key to finding a great chiropractor. From the ease of scheduling to the explanations for what to expect out of a treatment plan, you want to feel comfortable expressing your needs and also clearly understand what to expect out of each chiropractic session.

If you are looking for a good chiropractor, then look no further than AICA Orthopedics’ team of chiropractors in Marietta, GA. This practice offers a unique, holistic approach to care with a multi-specialty team of chiropractors, orthopedics, physical therapists, and more, all dedicated to providing you with the comprehensive care that will get you on the road to healing. Call us today!


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