Marietta Chiropractic Treatment For Low Impact Auto Accident Injuries

Mar 16, 2017

Low impact auto accidents are considered as collisions that occur when one or more vehicles are traveling under 10 miles per hour (mph).

Although this type of accident doesn’t often produce significant property damage, it can still cause a variety of injuries that range from chronic back pain to Whiplash.

If you are involved in a low impact collision, call our Marietta car accident injury Chiropractors as soon as possible to protect yourself from chronic or permanent conditions.

Low Impact Auto Accidents

Personal auto accident injuries occur as a result of a low impact collision because of the amount of force and impact that causes your body, ligaments, and joints to lunge in one or more particular directions suddenly.

When your body is suddenly forced in one or more directions, your soft tissue and tendons become vulnerable to stress, which can lead to strains or tears. In fact, soft tissue injuries are the most common conditions sustained by low impact accident victims.

If you are involved in a low impact collision, call the experienced Marietta car accident injury Chiropractors at ACIA to avoid potential injuries that could lead to chronic pain or permanent damage.

How Speed Affects Auto Accidents

An auto accident that occurs between 1 and ten mph, very little damage takes place considering the vehicles involved.

Although you may not initially experience any particular pain or injury symptom, it does not necessarily mean that there isn’t some concerning condition lingering underneath the surface.

Some types of low impact accident conditions take a few days, if not several weeks to appear. For particular injuries like concussions or Whiplash, immediate Chiropractic treatment is dire as both conditions can lead to permanent damage that affects your everyday routine.

Most of the injuries low impact accident victims sustain are not considered to be critical or life threatening, more than 30 percent of those harmed in such collisions do experience some form of chronic neck pain within three years.

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