If You Maintain Poor Posture For Too Long, Here Is What Could Happen…

Feb 28, 2017

We have all heard about the importance of maintaining correct posture throughout the day.

So many of us have listened to others say time and time again that sitting upward, holding your head straight, and keeping a positive posture is essential for our health.

However, besides looking focused, healthy, and professional, what are the health implications connected to maintaining correct posture?

If you suffer from chronic back pain as a result of your posture, call our Marietta Chiropractors today for immediate relief.

The Importance of Correct Posture

When you can maintain proper posture, you can reinforce your neck and back, while also keeping your spine in its natural position.

Research has shown that maintaining correct posture can give you more energy, helps reduce stress, and cuts down on fatigue. In fact, active posture is critical if you want to remain physically healthy as you grow older.

If you practice poor posture on a regular basis, it is not only unhealthy for your spine in the present, but it can also have adverse effects later in life, too.

Permanent Adjustments To Your Spine’s Natural Curvature

One of the most common negative effects that our Marietta Chiropractors tend to see from those who maintain poor posture is a permanent adjustment to their spinal curve.

The changes in the spinal curve that take place as a result of poor posture can not only lead to chronic pain and discomfort, but it can disrupt your spine’s natural ability to absorb shock.

Heightened Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Conditions Over Time

Studies on incorrect posture and life expectancy have found that patients who sit all day and maintain poor posture have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular conditions over time.

Chronic Back Pain

If you spend enough time practicing poor posture throughout your day, you can start to develop chronic back pain and disc degeneration conditions.

Many of our patients who maintain poor posture experience back pain on a regular basis with no answer for why they have such sensations. Unfortunately, their pain can often be traced back to their posture and the kind of stress they place on their spine.

If you suffer from chronic pain as a result of practicing poor posture, call AICA Marietta’s team of experienced Chiropractors for immediate help.

We can provide you with particular exercises that help strengthen your core muscles, while also following through with a series of adjustments that realign your spine.

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