Top 5 Things Chiropractic Can Help with After a Car Accident

Aug 24, 2021

If you have ever been through a car accident, then you know just how stressful and overwhelming the experience can be. If you get injured in a car accident, that just adds another layer of stress as you have to find a doctor who will provide you with comprehensive car accident injury treatment and care. You might be interested in alternatives to conventional medicine for treating your injuries by visiting a car accident chiropractor. Chiropractors provide a completely natural and minimally invasive treatment approach to treating various injuries and medical conditions. While an urgent care or emergency room doctor may have treated your initial injuries, you need to find a car accident doctor for follow-up care who can be with you through your healing and recovery process.

How a Car Accident Can Affect You

Car accidents can wreak havoc on the body. A general rule of thumb for car accident injuries is that if your car got any damage then it’s likely that your body did too. The force of impact can put a lot of strain and stress on your body. If you get shaken up or jolted around then it can cause injury to your spine or muscles. Headaches are a common reaction to a car accident and can be a sign of a more serious injury that needs attention. Back and neck pain are also common because of how your spine is affected by a car accident. Whiplash, back and neck injuries, and broken bones are a few examples of common car accident injuries.

Top 5 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help

The good news is that car accident chiropractors are well equipped to address a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries. Here are five ways a chiropractor can help you after a car accident:

  1. Reduce Pain and Discomfort

    The first thing you might notice with a car accident injury is the pain and discomfort comes that with it. Chiropractors work to address your immediate symptoms as well as the root cause of your injury. Pain might be the reason to bring you to a car accident chiropractor in the first place, especially if you notice pain that isn’t going away. Chiropractors can help to reduce pain and discomfort through gentle and safe therapeutic treatment options.

  2. Decrease Inflammation and Swelling

    Damage to your muscles, ligaments, and tendons can lead to inflammation and swelling in the area. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an injury and a protective healing response. Chiropractors use a natural treatment technique called chiropractic adjustments that resolve misalignments in the spine. Adjustments help bring the spine into alignment and also prompt the body to release anti-inflammatory properties.

  3. Limit Need for Medication

    Chiropractors do not prescribe medication, so you don’t have to worry about taking strong pain medications that come with uncomfortable side effects and addictive properties. Instead, chiropractors use the body’s natural healing abilities to promote a healthy response to support your recovery from a car accident injury. Pain medications only keep the pain away for a limited amount of time and don’t treat the injury. Car accident chiropractors make sure that your injury is treated as well as your symptoms.

  4. Improve Stability and Strength

    Some car accident injuries can affect your mobility and strength. Muscle soreness and stiffness can keep you from completing certain movements and avoiding movements that cause you pain can actually contribute to even more stiffness. A chiropractor will work with you to practice stretches and exercises that can help improve any strength and stability you may have lost while recovering from your injury.

  5. Promote Healthy Functioning

    Chiropractors use a holistic perspective for treating all types of injuries. When you visit a car accident chiropractor, they will restore healthy functioning to your spine and joints so your brain can effectively communicate with the rest of your body. This helps to promote healthy functioning in your whole body. Many times, people report experiencing significant relief after a chiropractic adjustment because healthy functioning and flow has been restored to the whole body.

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