Top 5 Treatments for Chronic Joint Pain

Jul 1, 2021

Top 5 Treatments for Chronic Joint PainMany people experience joint pain at one time or another, but some can develop chronic joint pain, especially as they get older. Chronic joint pain can really put a damper on your normal activities and keep you from participating in the things you used to enjoy. It can also make once-simple tasks and movements more painful and uncomfortable. You might find yourself searching for “orthopedic doctors near me” to help with chronic joint pain, no matter the cause. Joint pain can last for a few days, a few weeks, or even years depending on the cause. Visit an orthopedic doctor to learn more about what is causing your chronic joint pain and explore treatments that can help.

Chronic joint pain typically occurs when inflammation in and around the joint starts to negatively impact your movements and cause you discomfort. After a while, chronic joint pain can start to restrict your movements, so part of your treatment will need to focus on preserving your joint functioning as well as addressing your pain symptoms. While chronic joint pain doesn’t always have a cure, there are treatments available that can significantly reduce your discomfort and allow you to experience relief. Many times, a combination of treatments will help you experience the best results.

Here are five of the top treatments for chronic joint pain:

  1. At-Home Remedies

    When you first start experiencing joint pain, you might try at-home remedies to help bring about relief. You can also talk to your orthopedic doctor about how to complement their recommend treatments with at-home remedies you can do yourself. When inflammation occurs and aggravates the joints, it helps to rest the area. If your chronic joint pain is aggravated with certain movements then it is important to incorporate intentional rest into your day. Applying ice to the area can help to reduce swelling and inflammation, while applying heat will help loosen any stiffness and improve circulation to the area. You may also try over-the-counter pain medications to provide temporary relief as well.

  2. Physical Therapy

    Your orthopedic doctor may recommend additional support such as physical therapy if your joint pain becomes chronic. Physical therapists can work with you to learn stretches and exercises that will help the joint and nearby areas. Certain stretches may help improve flexibility and range of motion in the joint, while other exercises might promote stronger muscles that support your joints. Overall, physical therapy can help you learn healthier habits for movements to support your joints and prevent aggravating the area.

  3. Steroid Injections

    In some cases, your orthopedic doctor may recommend steroid injections to help address your chronic joint pain. Steroid injections are targeted specifically to the affected joint and help relieve your pain. These types of injections address the immediately affected area and help to decrease inflammation in and around the joint. While a steroid injection won’t last forever, it will provide you with pain relief and a decrease in inflammation so you can work with your doctor to preserve and improve your mobility.

  4. Losing Weight

    One common reason why you might experience chronic joint pain is carrying extra weight or obesity. Extra weight in the body can put additional pressure on your back and on joints like the hips and knees, leading to chronic pain. If this pressure continues for long periods of time, then you may experience degeneration in the joints sooner in life. Your doctor can talk with you about how losing weight can help redistribute the pressure put on your joints and help relieve your pain. Talk to your doctor about a customized plan for nutrition and exercising that will work best for your body.

  5. Joint Surgery

    In serious cases of chronic joint pain, your orthopedic doctor may recommend joint surgery. Two main examples of joint surgery include joint fusion surgery and joint replacement surgery. You and your orthopedic doctor will want to try other more conservative approaches before turning to surgery. However, joint surgery can help provide longer-lasting relief in some cases.

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