How to Take Care of Yourself After a Car Accident

Jun 30, 2021

A car accident is an incredibly stressful event, no matter whether you were in a small fender-bender or a multi-car wreck. In addition to worrying about your health and safety, there are now insurance companies to call, reports to review, and other items that can feel like such a hassle. That’s why you want to entrust your well-being into the care of a doctor who specializes in treating car accident injuries. You can search online for a “car accident doctor near me” to find a specialist who understands the complexities of car accident injuries and their effects on your well-being afterward. There are also many ways you can take care of yourself after a car accident to help build up resilience.

3 Ways a Car Accident Can Affect You

The most obvious ways a car accident can affect you might be scrapes, bruises, or even broken bones. However, there is more to experiencing a car accident than just the injury itself. Here are three ways a car accident can affect you:

Emotional Stress

Many people experience shock and stress in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. Especially if this is the first time you have been in a car accident, you might be experiencing shock, which can prevent you from recognizing pain signals and other signs of injury. A stressful event like a car accident can also cause adrenaline to course through your body, which helps you function in the aftermath but also can mask some of your symptoms as well.

Pain & Discomfort

Even if you don’t have any obvious cuts, bruises, or broken bones, a car accident can still cause you pain and discomfort for days and even weeks afterward. Some car accident injuries like whiplash are known as hidden injuries because it can take hours and even days for you to start experiencing symptoms. If you start noticing pain and other symptoms after a car accident, then don’t hesitate to get checked out by a car accident doctor as soon as possible.


The stress and strain of being in a car accident can also cause your body to seem like it’s shutting down. Experiencing fatigue after a stressful event is not uncommon and it is often your body’s way of trying to process the physical and emotional stress of the day. You may feel extremely tired and sleep for longer periods of time than you usually would as you process the stressful event.

3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself after a Car Accident

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to take good care of yourself after a car accident! Here are just 3 ways you can support your health and well-being after a stressful car accident.

Make time to rest

You may be tempted to keep going about your normal routines, but your body might have other plans. The hours and days after a car accident are a great time to incorporate intentional rest into your day. We are often so busy that we don’t take enough time to slow down and allow our bodies a chance to recuperate. Time and rest are key to a healthy recovery from a car accident.

Drink water and eat well

Focusing on your nutrition is a great way to take care of yourself after a car accident as well. The stress, shock, and adrenaline can wreak havoc on your body’s systems and functioning, so be sure to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Keeping fluids in your body helps promote healthy functioning and make sure nutrients get where they need to go in the body. Eating well-balanced, nutritious meals full of protein, fiber, vegetables, and more can all help contribute to a healthier, happier you.

See a car accident doctor

Last but certainly not least, visit a car accident doctor as soon as possible. Car accident doctors specialize in treating a wide variety of car accident injuries, including those hidden injuries you might not realize are bothering you yet. A car accident doctor can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan that addresses your body’s specific issues and needs so you can get quality, individualized care and attention.

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