What’s Really Causing Your Back Pain?

Jul 5, 2016

When back pain occurs, it can be pretty intense.

While no one likes to deal with it, the pain itself is quite standard.

In fact, nearly every adult on the planet has dealt with back pain at some point in his or her life. It should be noted that in many cases, back pain does not start in your back.

Causes of Back Pain

So, where does it begin?

Take a look at a few reasons you may be experiencing back pain.

Prolonged Sitting

If you spend the majority of your day seated at a desk, you may find you’ve spent hours on end without much movement. Prolonged sitting pulls the spine down, compressing it, and increases stress on the neck, back, arms and legs.

To combat spinal and back pain due to long periods of sitting, set an alarm reminder to get up and move once every hour. Choosing an ergonomic keyboard, mouse pad and chair for your workspace can also be beneficial to your health.

Hip Misalignment

Back pain is often derived from problems in other parts of the body.

Do you ever feel like you are taking uneven steps?

Poor posture, frequently carrying a heavy bag to one side, and not wearing supportive shoes can all cause or contribute to hip misalignment, which can lead to low back pain.

Misaligned hips often begin as a result of weak pelvic, core or back muscles and uneven shoe wear.


In today’s world, it seems that we are all guilty of spending too much time peering down at our tablets or smartphones.

Unfortunately, too much of this posture can lead to pain in your neck from overstretching muscles and tissue, eventually leading to misalignment of the spine.

Back pain resulting from text neck is a compensation reaction, with the real issue being with the neck. Teenagers and younger children face the highest risk for suffering from symptoms of text neck.

Regardless of where your back pain originated, chiropractic care can usually help. To learn more about how adjustments could help you, contact our Marietta Chiropractic clinic to schedule an appointment.