General Chiropractic | May 21, 2015

Most Common Conditions Chiropractors In Marietta Treat

Most people know that Chiropractors treat back pain, what most people don’t know that they also treat leg pain and migraines, among other things. Your spine is critical. As the primary connection point between your brain and the rest of your body, if something goes amiss there it can cause…

General Chiropractic | May 18, 2015

With So Many To Choose From, How Do I Choose The Right Chiropractor In Marietta?

For many people, at the mention of Chiropractic care, the imagery of traditional spinal adjustments and that’s all singularly come to mind, but regular adjustments are just one of many different techniques that Chiropractors use. While it’s true that some Chiropractors rely primarily on manual manipulations that focus on the…

General Chiropractic | May 8, 2015

When Is Chiropractic Treatment In Marietta Ongoing?

Chiropractic care is a confusing thing to many people, unlike dentists and primary care physicians, just what they do and why can be a mystery. It doesn’t help that some Chiropractic patients swear they don’t know how they ever lived without it, while others insist it’s not even worth doing.…

General Chiropractic | May 6, 2015

Three Ways Car Accident Doctors Treat Chronic Back Pain In Marietta

If you’ve recently been in a car accident and are experiencing back pain, it’s crucial that you seek treatment from a Chiropractor that specializes in car accident injury care. While it may not feel any different to you, back pain as a result of an accident requires expert treatment. Car…

General Chiropractic | May 5, 2015

Long Term Health Effects Of Whiplash When Untreated By A Chiropractor In Marietta

Treating Whiplash Injury in Marietta is the most common auto accident condition our Chiropractors see and can have some serious long-term health effects if ignored. Whiplash is defined as damage to the soft tissues of the neck as a result of a sudden force causing the head to whip forward…

General Chiropractic | Apr 29, 2015

Best Stretches for Sciatica

Sciatica is a relatively common issue with people who experience injury, or the gradual aging of structures within their spine. This painful condition can be caused by some different factors.What they all have in common is some form of misalignment that causes friction or constriction of the What they all…

General Chiropractic | Apr 23, 2015

Treating Carpal Tunnel in Marietta

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway of ligaments and bones at the base of the hand that houses the median nerve, which runs from the forearm to the palm of the hand. When swelling or irritation causes the tunnel to become too narrow, it’s called carpal tunnel syndrome. Symptoms of…

General Chiropractic | Apr 22, 2015

I Just Got Into a Car Accident in Marietta, What Should I Do Now?

Car accidents, no matter how small, can be a traumatic event, and that trauma can make it difficult to think clearly. In the moments following a car accident, the decisions you make are vital and can make all the difference when it comes to discovering damage (to yourself, any passengers…

General Chiropractic | Apr 16, 2015

The History of Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic care, in various forms, has been around all over the world since the beginning of recorded time. There are even ancient writings from Greece and China that include accounts of Chiropractic manipulation as a treatment for lower back pain. Though there is evidence of spinal manipulation throughout history, Chiropractic…

General Chiropractic | Apr 8, 2015

Steps to Recovering from a Car Accident with Your Marietta Chiropractor

When you’re trying to treat car accident injuries in Marietta, you’ve probably already been to the hospital. Now you’re looking for effective care that is going to last you for the long run. You’d like to avoid chronic pain, and you’d like to get relief. Thankfully you can always call…

General Chiropractic | Apr 6, 2015

Going to a Chiropractor for Weight Loss in Marietta

How to lose weight in Marietta, by the folks who brought you the subluxation. Yes, you heard right. If you’ve never considered Marietta Chiropractic care for your weight loss, you’re missing a great option. Imagine going to a full body doctor and nutritionist who helps you feel great every time…

General Chiropractic | Mar 26, 2015

What to Look for in a Chiropractor

Choosing a Marietta Chiropractor can be challenging, especially when there are several philosophies and techniques to choose from. Some Chiropractors make adjustments with the aid of instruments; some prefer manual manipulations, some work with the whole body and some work exclusively on the spine. All of the options can be…

Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Feb 26, 2015

Causes of Back Pain

Treating back pain in Marietta isn’t always simple. There can be many different reasons why your back is hurting, and it probably takes an expert to ferret out the truth. That’s why it’s imperative to get to a specialist in the area of back pain and healing, such as an…


General Chiropractic | Feb 23, 2015

Natural Health with Chiropractors

Imagine if your health could be in your hands. Does that sound like a faraway dream?If so, it says more about our medical culture than your innate sense of well being. If so, it says more about our medical culture than your innate sense of well being. The Medical Model…


General Chiropractic | Feb 12, 2015


Been in an accident and looking for a Marietta MRI scan? This will help you answer the questions you might be asking about the common forms of MRI testing. Common MRI Questions You may have seen signs for Open MRI. Now, what exactly does an MRI do, and when is…

General Chiropractic | Feb 6, 2015

Most Common Soft Tissue Injuries

Hey, Marietta, soft tissue injury is all the rage, and it’s time to learn about what they are. Greater Atlanta is one of the worst cities in America when it comes to treating car accident injuries, which means if you’re wondering about soft tissue injuries, how you get them and…

General Chiropractic | Jan 28, 2015

What Causes Knee Pain

Nobody wants to deal with pain in the knee, but it’s something that many people have to live with in one way or another.Our knees take Our knees take the incredible stress and are built to handle much of it. Just think about the power of our joints: the best…

General Chiropractic | Jan 19, 2015

Chronic Pain and Depression Treatment

Pain is meant to help you. It’s designed to warn you of physical danger, and alert you, when something isn't right - whether what you're touching, is too hot, or if there’s some part of you is becoming injured. The pain is the signal to get away. Without that kind…

General Chiropractic, Injury Rehabilitation | Nov 11, 2014

What To Do After a Car Accident

An auto accident is among the definitions of “no fun.” If you want to mitigate the terror, anxiety, and wreckage that a car crash may create, just follow these steps: Before The Accident Be prepared. Stow a copy of your insurance in the glove compartment, along with pen and a…

General Chiropractic | Nov 3, 2014

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